#1 HBCU Best Seller – A Memoir On Family, Faith, Frustration, & Forgiveness

When asked how long Goya has been writing she stated that she wrote practically all of her life. Her past experiences involve being an Editorial Writer, Executive Director for a nonprofit, and a Director for a minority supplier development company. 

Marshall has past experiences as a Senior Vice President of a construction management firm and as a Human Resources Analyst at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. 

Both of these women have strong backgrounds in various sectors in Corporate America. 

Their collegiate experience is well rounded as well with degrees between Columbia College, University of South Carolina, Limestone College, and North Carolina A&T State University. Marshall also completed Personnel Officer’s School and Squadron Officer’s School in Residence at Maxwell AFB.

I asked them what inspired them to write this book on their family. 

Goya stated that she and her co-author/sister felt compelled to share their life experiences to encourage the masses who can relate to the hardships. Yet, still have the realization that joy will come with faith. They prayerfully want to inspire people to be better than their yesterdays despite their beginnings. Both wanted to introduce the world to their very strong Mother who through many painful adversities persevered and led her children to a better life while she completed goals that many thought were impossible to do. This book is the first in a series that they have planned. They’re currently writing Book II, which continues the story of their family memoir. 

Why is it important that students, professors, and alumni read your book? 

Goya states that their book is a source of encouragement and innovation, it also has instances of alcoholism, domestic abuse, bullying, and Alzheimer’s that took place in one family. Students and professors will be able to use this as a reference for reports, a contribution to case studies, class/group discussions and other academically related assistance. Alumni will be able to read about a family who may have had odds against them but kept on striving and climbing any mountain that they encountered. Anyone can benefit from that affirmation. 

What is one review of your book that touched you positively Goya uttered these words below. 

A woman wrote to us that she totally related to the domestic abuse part of the memoir. She said she no longer feels like the lone ranger. She complimented us as authors because she felt our book was well-written and easy to follow. She believes many people will be encouraged and make changes to their lives based on our story. 

When asked what is something interesting about herself Goya stated that knowing that her words empower others. From having a conversation with people and they walk away feeling totally energized and innovated. This extends to her ability to be able to weave words in writing with the same results, according to her readers.

Both of these authors have been great with our journey with our HBCU Marketplace journey. They’ve taken initiative to promote their book and help others that have come along the way by sharing their missions. 

They understand the purpose of connecting individuals to partnerships and circulating more dollars in our community. When asked about how they can get involved they actually brought great ideas to me and even some that I’ve thought of which is great confirmation!

I implore everyone to take a look at this book. It’s important that we analyze our families and what we go through in life. These two open their hearts to us and speak on issues that are happening in a lot of families regardless of race. Marshall and Goya you have my full support keep shining! All I can do to help and market your business I will.

HBCUstartups Team Wishes Many More Blessings!

You can purchase this book today at the link below.

Book Link: http://bit.ly/iknowwhymamacried

Connect with them on LinkedIn at Goya Spry and Marshall Feaster.

Follow Goya on twitter @Gspry1 and Instagram @gspry30 

Follow the Instagram Book Page @i_know_why_mama_cried 

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