#1 HBCU Best Seller- Overcoming Adversity With Authentic Leadership

Sharp Leadership – Overcome Adversity To Lead With Authenticity is a book that dives deep into the life of Carl Sharperson.

Before pursuing a career as an Author Mr. Sharperson was doing professional speaking, leadership coaching in the USMC, 3 fortune 500 companies, Non Profits, and business consulting. In his business he still performs some of these services for various organizations today. 

Mr. Sharperson has served our nation as well which is very interesting he started his career in the United States Naval Academy. Service is a part of everything that he embodies as a person and he uses those experiences to inspire other people today. 

After he survived stage 4 cancer and overcoming many other challenges in life, he felt a tug to share his experience and techniques to as many people as possible because it is a life changing experience that he wanted to share in a book.

I asked him why it is important that students, professors, and alumni read his book? He replied saying that Sharp Leadership is a manual for overcoming adversity, in any environment, in any stage of life.  I have done leadership workshops to staff faculty, and students, lectured and sold books to Claflin University, SC State University, Tuskegee University, California State University, Clemson University, Furman University, and Anderson University just to name a few schools of higher education. The book is a powerful read for anyone between the ages of 10 to 90 years old, but especially for people of color. It is an easy read with a lot of nuggets. 

One book review that touched him was one that a 17 year Marine Corps veteran who got out of the Marine Corps with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) , and became a substance abuser, then became homeless.  He currently runs a homeless shelter for military veterans. He said that Sharp Leadership was the first book that he read from cover to cover in his life. He also said that he felt that he got a glimpse of what it is like to grow up, and live in America as a black man. 

Mr. Sharperson has been asked to contribute to several leadership books that several of his US Naval Academy alumni friends are publishing in the near future.

Something interesting to know about him is that he played division I football while attending the US Naval Academy, was a US Marine Corps pilot and was the first black plant manager for Colgate Palmolive. He was the only black midshipman in his company at the US Naval Academy his freshman year and was the only black pilot in his squadron while in the US Marine Corps.

You can find his book on The HBCU Marketplace at this link https://hbcustartups.com/product/sharp-leadership-overcome-adversity-to-lead-with-authenticity/

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