#1 HBCU Best Seller – The Criminal Justice System Through The Lens Of A Black Prosecutor

Martinis Jackson is a current Business Owner that is located in the state of Maryland. He is an Alumnus of Howard University Law School. Now he practices law in the Washington, D.C. metro area. 

When asked what inspired him to write his book? 

Mr. Jackson stated he had a desire to tell the rarely told story of the black prosecutor experience within the criminal justice system. 

He went on to add that students, professors, and alumni should read his book because it offers a take on the issues surrounding the criminal justice system from the perspective of a former African American Prosecutor. For those seeking a better understanding of the unique issues minorities face serving as agents of a fundamentally flawed system, this book offers answers.

I asked him what was one review of his book that touched him positively? 

“Martinis Jackson provides an inside look into the internal conflict he experienced as an African American Prosecutor working in a judicial system that disproportionately incarcerates black and brown people. His memoir was engaging and became a mirror for some of my own experiences, feelings, and even biases. Justice My Way is a must read for every prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, law enforcement officer, educator, parent, man, woman and those bending/breaking the law. I can’t wait to read more from Martinis Jackson. His English teacher roots shine through in his debut text.

Mr. Jackson is working on a book with another Howard Alumnus. His co-author Manuel Geraldo and himself are working on a fiction titled “The Game Owes Me” which is likely to be published this year.

Something interesting to know about Mr. Jackson is that now he practices criminal defense. That company is called Jackson Legal Services PLLC, a civil and criminal defense law firm based in Washington, DC. I defend clients in criminal cases and bring civil claims against the police for misconduct.

You can purchase his book today at the link below.


Follow both of his businesses on social media @justicemyway & @jlegalservices. 

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