Sharp Leadership Book Review and Testimonials

Sharp Leadership Overcome Adversity To Lead With Authenticity


1. No matter your station in life, if you want to improve your station, “Sharp Leadership”

will take you there. (Ambassador S.R. – California State MBA professor)

2. I am a 17 USMC veteran who has been diagnosed with PTSD. I have turned my life

around from being a substance abuser and homeless. Sharp leadership is the first book

that I have ever read from cover to cover in my life. (Marine Veteran D.N.)

3. I am a 1953 US Naval Academy graduate and retired Navy Captain. I bought a total of 11

books, 5 for my sons and 6 for my grandsons. (J.M. Retired Navy Captain and college

management professor)

4. I have known Carl for 17 years and I picked up his book and I could not put it down until

I had finished it. He is going to create and deliver a career transition process/program to

ensure the success of our Clemson football players. (Pastor J.D.)

5. I have read and enjoyed Sharp Leadership twice, and it is a wonderful book with a lot of

truth in it. (Nancy, a 99 year old Great Great Grandmother)

6. I read Sharp Leadership with my 12 year old son and we discussed it as we read it. My

son understood the concepts and keyed in on chapter one where he learned some

techniques on how to deal with name calling and bullying. (G.L. Father and Sales


7. I read Sharp Leadership which is a great book which is inspirational and instructional.

(T.R. Retired Michelin Attorney)

8. I bought this practical/experiential book, Sharp leadership, for all of the participants in

my program, Jump Start, which is an Inside Prison Preparation Program. (T.M. Executive


9. I did a 12-week bible study, a chapter/week, with Sharp leadership and it was very

practical and insightful with real life examples on how to live like Christians in the

market place and in everyday life. (Pastor S.E.)

10. Your lecture and Sharp leadership references about real life career, decisions and

strategies was the very best class for the entire semester. (Clemson MBA Student)

11. I read chapter 11 of sharp Leadership to my wife as soon as I got home, and your story

blessed both of us with your transparency. She had just completed her first round of

Chemotherapy for breast cancer, and the drugs had taken a toll on her physically,

spiritually, and emotionally. (F.F. CEO of a Veteran Owned business in Greenville, SC)

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