What is an Affiliate ?

What is an Affiliate?

An Affiliate is a member that helps promote our website to other people. When those people make a purchase, a code is used to determine how that person found out about our website. This code is specialized to each affiliate so that we can give them a “tip” or a small commission for the referral. This in turn brings up people that might not have known about our website and helps the person doing the promotion with some money for their efforts.

What Methods of Promoting can affiliate use to generate traffic?

An affiliate can use any method of promotion that they think will be most effective. Please follow all laws for the state and city that you reside in when it comes to email promotions, it is important not to get a reputation for spamming links. An easy way to define what is spamming links is when you sign up on a bunch of different message forums and your first post is just a promotional post asking people to click on your link. This is not an effective way to generate traffic and it makes other members of that forum frustrated with your posts. A proper way to promote would be if you are a member of a forum and you participate in regular conversation threads. If you are a regular member of that community, then chances are instead of your post being shamed, you will probably get support and in turn generate traffic and maybe even some money.